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Elsewhere is Ok….

October 25, 2011

Finger pointing is the nature of our Great Society these day. Who is to blame and how to fix it. It’s the Left, the Right, the Silent Majority, the Squeaky Minority, the Rich, the Immigrants, the Liberals, the Conservative, the Christians, the Muslims, the Pagans, the Cartoons, the Gays, the Anarchist….in the U.S. etc.

I first must offer reverent apologies to my friend Ayn. She is involved in the recent uprising, noted as Occupy Boston. She lives and breathes it. Much as I did in my protests associated with MoveOn.Org, she feels alive, emerging from the quagmire of political stagnation. The hallucination of our great country, echoing in our subconscious, resting on an unreachable mountain, is again stoic against the battle cries of the masses. And like Ayn, I too thought it could be reached, at least brought closer. I have no wish to invalidate, nay dismiss her efforts, for they are the true actions of a citizen.

What follows is opinion and my decrepit companion mockery. Those with the money have not been shaken. They know not the fear of Maslow’s hierarchy toppling down. And in such response they too have hired my companion, saying that it the Occupy Movement is for the lazy, the weak, the unfocused. For me I have trouble believing its ability. There seems very little to accomplish. They’ve drawn attention, they’ve stirred the pot. Yet, has anything changed? More than 14 American cities have been occupied and there is no goal, no plan, no end in sight.

Keeping this as short as possible I will simply ask a question: has it gone far enough??