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“The revolution will not be typeset” -Johannes Gutenberg

November 5, 2013

In the second month of 2012 Rob Clarfeld wrote a brief article discussing the life-altering book “Altas Shrugged”. And while I both admire the book and feel that Clarfeld missed the personal responsibility aspect of the work; I was presented with another piece to a puzzle I have long contemplated. It’s not selfishness that drives John Galt, but rather personal responsibility. He is beholden to no man. When Dagny Taggart is injured and cared for she expects to pay for the medical attention she receives. It presents the attitude that one will carry their own weight and make their own way, without reliance on others. It is not the avoidance of the complex of realities, but about the defining of a simpler one. My father always told me to get my foot in the door of a corporation in order to change it. I have found that the better way is to start a corporation as I wish it to run.

Speaking of which who was John Gault? He is a man who in 1862 printed his own money when it was not illegal ( See

Two years ago I was given the opportunity to contribute to the Occupy Boston Newsletter. Although I never contributed much of anything I found myself privy to the workings of a movement, that some people still dismiss and are simply unable to comprehend. The passion was there. The insight was there. Yet nothing was demanded of me, more than I was willing to give. Every now and again I would offer some small bit of operational input; and eventually they produced and gave birth to – a newsletter (

Anonymous is a loosey goosey group of hacktivists who take on the likes of The Church of Scientology, the Westboro Baptist Church, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and Sony. They have rocked the normal world with their brazen attack on thoughts and actions existing only in cyberspace. Oversimplification of anti-establishment sentiment has been culled into a single mask popularized by the film “V for Vendetta”. And now, amidst infighting and wild speculation of action and inaction they have come to the pinnacle that all movements do – a newsletter (

These two organizations have given light to the social unrest that plagues our daily lives and injustices that contribute to our dissatisfaction. Yet, they believe that words “still always retain their power”. On the eve of many Million Masks Marches Anonymous chooses to put out….a newsletter.

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I guess my outrage is the stagnation of realization. Everyone talks in loud voices about the necessity of something more than verbiage and vocalization. Yet sedition and action of dissent is outlawed and are socially verboten. Years ago I belonged to the now defunct Internet Party. Thousands of discussions and votes on controversial legislation passed through it. Witnessing these arguments I would oft interject with the phrase, “so what’s the first step?”

Every time I was met with silence.

The need for a newsletter ultimately boggles my mind. The time for talk. Is. Over.

And has been.