Time (again) and Post Office Pugilism

ImageI enjoyed the pictures in your pastoral and quite sentimental look at the post office. What I don’t enjoy is that if I had chosen to mail you feedback it would’ve cost me almost half a dollar to do so. The post office is an overworked section of government that hasn’t really been cleaned up. I can only offer secondhand knowledge of its operations.

One, I had a friend who worked for the post office in New York. He worked 6 days a week and usually 14-hour shifts. He explained to me that at the cutoff for the number of hours needed in a month to attain benefits he was given a mandatory day off. He also mentioned that the supervisor continuously took vacation and never really did anything. This could just be bitterness or a one-time thing.

Two, different friend in Florida, tells of an overpaid supervisor that really isn’t around much. Hmm.

In the wonderment of the moment I google, “postal service audit” and find that the postal service has been audited many, many times in the states of Virginia, Kentucky, Chicago, and Ohio. There were significant findings in not just delays but managers not providing adequate staffing, cocaine trafficking, and, surprise, inadequate supervision. As a result the Postal Service has plans to “shutter” 251 plants, reducing operating costs by, allegedly $3 billion. This will result in postal rates remaining the same.  Huh? Though it will allow the service to avoid a Chrysler-type situation and allegedly eliminate the possibility of a stamped letter arriving the next day.

My personal beef is that it costs $1.10 for a money order.


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