Which is it.

Which is it.   After reviewing this picture I was      wondering if this was an art exhibit or a TSA instructional poster. I am still unsure. The TSA has raised the number of bomb-sniffing dogs to 800, despite there being no need for them. There is some concern as to whether the dogs have been cross-trained to sniff out drugs as well.  This would just save time and be too much common sense to handle.

At the Global Business Travel Association’s conference in Denver on August 21st, Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole was quoted as saying, “But I also want to give the highest level of assurance to all the American people that we are doing everything we can to provide the best possible security while respecting the privacy and civil liberties of everyone.” Right, like the time they forgot to turn on the metal detectors or did it on purpose (Ref).  Of course this doesn’t just happen in America.

We also know that it influences fashion. Footwear being relegated to mostly that which can slide on and off easily. Frocks are back in style since the new body scanners have been in use. It gets harder and harder to tell who is on a pilgrimage though. However, if you are still wearing a chastity belt like this woman it might be a little embarrassing.


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