Open Letter to Christopher Hitchens

  Mr. Hitchens:

Thank you for taking the time to review this letter. For a   long  time I have admired you and your actions, and I resent my hesitancy in sending you my thoughts. You did  say once that you should never put off writing a letter to someone in distress.
My admiration for you is based largely on your used of language and reason. Few, such as Stephen Fry, Douglas Copeland, and Tom Robbins, have utilized language so effectively and correctly as you have. Furthermore I have witnessed with great approbation your efforts on behalf of the atheist movement. Spiritual though I am, your demand that religion reign in its pugnacious and compunction-free activities brought an unmistakable joy to my heart. It was an indictment of responsibility as I have never seen before, an extension beyond the comedic genius of Bill Hicks and George Carlin. For many months and on often occasions I disseminated your arguments to friends and people who forward me Christian-themed emails; in a vain effort to open dialogue.
Another of your many facets that have been inspiring, is your confrontational approach, that somehow remained respectful. You were direct, honest and almost presented a warning that engagement would eliminate all, but exposure of the soul’s truth (excuse the reference).
I’ve been writing since the age of ten and have recently ceased due to lack of subject and waning interest in humanity, uninspired as it were. Encountering your work led me to a new hope that our species could return to more loftier goals and executions, not of outright snobbery, but an embrace of potential. We think in language and lifting us beyond the petty arguments of religion was a great service to me; recognizing that simple compassion and commonalities that were all share.
This letter could carry its subject on, but I will retreat to brevity to spare you. I wish you a full recovery, for I have a glimpse of the fight that is in your heart and spirit. But should, as you say, the eternal Footman come calling, then good journey be to you.

Sincerely yours,

Jim Witness


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