Was banging this girl with a back tattoo. Unfortunately it was Vagina Monologues. How distracting.

The summer is progressing rather well. Got some amazing stuff going on. Submitted it to a publisher who basically told me to “Pick a format”.  Sticking with either short stories or prose. Not sure yet. Found myself writing a lot of erotica this summer. Could be the influence of literary versus the copulatory – who knows. I blame the short blond. But then again who doesn’t when they sign their divorce papers in Vegas. Digression arrives unannounced and that soon.

State of the Insanity is as follows:

Mentally: I’m bored out of my friggin’ skull. There were some interesting developments. Maybe even an exodus to the Coast. But alas, stagnation accompanies relaxation in overzealous devotion.

Physically: Eating healthier is all well and good for when you’re on a meth binge, but those Vegan motherfuckers talk about nothing. How many ways can you dice an eggplant?

Emotionally: Detachment is abound. Security and boundary issues have given way to wanton stimuli. This is what boredom does. In the past I’ve raged against the machine and injustice, dragged hypocrisy by the foot into the spotlight of condemnation and masturbated with a crucifix. Okay, the first two are true. However, satiation in required for this malady.

Spiritually:  We continue with the Voodoo. Holiday is this weekend. Preparations will be made accordingly, with the appropriate sacrifices. Deity does not seem pleased. Perhaps it was my attempt to sleep with my sister-in-law. I love those pussy-shaped candles.

Contemplating a move lately. There are pieces in play. Kind of like the rolls of fat I see from Wal-Mart(R) patrons. Seriously I was at a gas station and two fat chics waddled towards me. In my head I said to them, with my hands raised, “Sorry. I don’t have any doughnuts.” And sure as I am writing here I saw them twenty minutes later down the road with a box of doughnuts. It’s like a scene out of “Stranger Than Fiction”.

Until next time…


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